Nature paper update

Our paper, Cunha et al. 2022, is featured as one of SIX papers highlighting the importance of forest science and the urgent need for a better understanding of how global change will affect forest function, species distribution, and resilience in this week’s issue of Nature (Vol. 608, Issue 7923, 18 Aug 2022). An editorial summarizes the research papers. The online version of the editorial also emphasizes the importance of longterm, large-scale datasets, interdisciplinary research integrating remote sensing and modeling of responses over longer timescales and larger areas, and the difficulty in securing funding for these massive endeavors.

Here at Team Underground, we also want to emphasize the importance and difficulty of large-scale manipulation experiments, particularly in tropical forests. It took an enormous effort by all 31 authors, plus many more research technicians, friends and colleagues, to conduct the research and publish our initial findings from the AFEX project. We are super proud that this research is very much driven by Brazil-based researchers, as it should be.


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