Congratulations Dr. Cunha!

Dra. Hellen Fernanda Viana Cunha (aka Fernanda) successfully defended her PhD Thesis on October 25th, 2022. The “show” was was online, but Prof. Kelly got to celebrate in-person in Manaus, Brazil. Fernanda is the first PhD student to graduate from the extended Team Underground lab group. We wish Fernanda continued success in her career and look forward to many more collaborations over the years.

While in Manaus, some of the original AFEX group was around for discussions on papers and next steps. Several students who completed their master’s thesis on the short-term effects of nutrient additions are now continuing on in their PhD’s to look at the next phase of responses to large-scale nutrient additions. Many articles are in preparation, with more ideas to generate subsequent research and papers. Stay tuned for all the progress and insights coming from the AFEX project!

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