SG Traineeship Opportunity

Our lab is hiring a research trainee to participate in field and laboratory research to examine tree root traits, mycorrhizal traits, and soil nutrient availability led by the lab’s members and eventually take on leadership of one of the following:

  • Field collection of focal tree roots and soil
  • Laboratory sample processing of roots and soil, including cleaning, drying and grinding
  • Quantification of root morphological and physiological traits
  • Preparation of samples for nutrient analyses
  • Quantification of mycorrhizal colonisation and/or root nodules
  • Data processing and management, preliminary analysis of data in R

Candidates should have a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Chemistry or related fields and have a basic understanding of research and laboratory experience. Knowledge and experience in R and data analyses are advantageous. Candidates should possess good communication skills and be a good team member.

Applications will close 20th August 2021. This position is a 6-month, full-time position for recent graduates or mid-career individuals in Singapore. Preferred start date will be 4th October 2021.

Please email Asst/P Kelly Andersen for any queries ( and apply officially directly through NTU here with a cover letter and CV.


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